How to Break Into The Tech World With Zero Experience  

Building a career in the world of IT offers a unique opportunity for growth no matter the current economy. For example, even as the unemployment rate increased during the pandemic, many technology professionals simply began working from home. Additionally, a chance to work with the latest tech innovations keeps you inspired and engaged on a daily basis.  

So how do you enter the technology field without the right work history? Even if you have a college degree, don’t companies want candidates with meaningful IT accomplishments? Remember, the demand for tech pros remains strong and intriguing opportunities abound as companies widen their candidate pools. So check out these insights on beginning your own lucrative tech career with minimal experience. 

How Can You Land a Job in Tech With Zero Experience?

Companies Want Tech Employees With Soft Skills  

If you boast other work experience, much of it still might apply when working in IT. In fact, companies increasingly want to hire technology professionals with certain soft skills, like leadership and communication. Even business domain knowledge remains valuable when looking for a tech role in the same industry sector. So be sure to emphasize these capabilities on your résumé.  

Earn a Few Technology Certifications  

Technology employers increasingly value certifications, especially in emerging fields like machine learning. So consider earning a few before beginning your IT career. For example, if you currently work in a bank, earn an AI or ML certification. This immediately qualifies you to become a valuable member of a team in the FinTech sector.  

Certifications in software development, cloud administration, and cybersecurity also provide significant opportunities. When combined with your previous experience, consider applying for positions in a similar business sector where you previously worked. 

Volunteer on Charitable and Open Source Projects  

Charities and non-profits typically need help with their technology. Volunteering on these types of projects offers a chance to gain experience while building your professional network. Additionally, if you hope to become a developer, volunteer on a multitude of open source projects. Again, you learn new skills, add to your experience, and make valuable connections in the industry.  

Don’t be Afraid to Start Over with an IT Career  

Consider being open to starting over as a technology professional if you’re dissatisfied with your current industry. And while you shouldn’t necessarily expect to transition from a senior accountant position into a senior software engineering role, working toward that goal is feasible with the right certifications and opportunities.

Ready to Break Into The Tech World?

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