Did You Know That First Impressions Are 94% Design Related?

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Any company’s website needs to provide a compelling experience to first-time visitors. After all, remember what they say about not getting a second chance to make a first impression. Additionally, considering most people browsing the web now do so on a mobile device, the corporate website also needs to look great on a smartphone.  

Ultimately, a design-first approach needs to be the focus when architecting your organization’s website. An excellent first impression keeps visitors engaged and coming back, leading to increased business and subsequent profitability. On the other hand, a slapdash design likely increases your bounce rate, which only leads to lost opportunities.  

Potential Customers Want to See a Great Design   

Crafting a website with a top-notch design is essential if you want to convert visitors into customers. In fact, according to a survey from Adobe, if given 15 minutes to peruse content, 66 percent of the respondents would prefer to see something well-designed as opposed to a more spartan layout. Ultimately, the right website for your organization needs to provide relevant content within a beautiful layout.   

Additionally, the website needs a modern look free from any outdated design clichés. When encountering a website with a dated design, a potential customer is likely going to get the wrong impression from your company, especially if the organization is in the technology sector. Chances are strong; they’ll move on to another company’s website, potentially one of your competitors?     

Ultimately, a great website design helps build trust with visitors. This trust especially matters on a short-term basis. For example, given an excellent design, these visitors tend to stay on your site, perusing the offerings and quite possibly becoming customers. In the end, a corporate website serves as an introduction to those new to your organization. It’s an essential part of any successful business.  

A Mobile-First Website Design is Critical   

Remember what we said about the percentage of users accessing the website using mobile devices. According to data from Statista, nearly 53 percent of all web traffic now originates from a mobile device. This percentage is slated to grow to 75 percent by 2025. In short, you need a mobile-first website design.   

Ultimately, a design-first and a mobile-friendly approach to your corporate website provides your audience (and customers) the best experience. It’s an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy.  

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