Why Does the End User Experience Matter So Much?

With any technology, user friendliness is essential. Whether your company is designing applications, websites, or anything else in the information technology world, your business will only be as successful as end users find your finished product to be. If they don’t have an enjoyable experience, you can bet they will be looking at another option – quite possibly your competitor’s offering.

Because the experience of end users can make or break the success of your digital endeavors, there is a strong focus on how to create a great User Experience (UX).  UX is defined to include the total overall experience an audience member has, taking into account both small details and the big picture. Ensuring the UX of your apps or other digital offerings is excellent is important because:

A great user experience will keep customers engaged.

People like using new products and technology, as long as they can figure out what to do without stress.  If you make your products easy to use and ensure they can effortlessly do what users want them to, customers are much more likely to use your products with greater frequency. Be responsive on social media to their questions. Create easy-to-use manuals or short videos that quickly explain how to use the product’s basic features and then more tutorials on the advanced offerings.

A great user experience will encourage adoption of your technology.

Ease of use is one of the biggest predictors which determines whether a particular tool or technology is accepted by the mass market. Make your offering exciting for the users. Make them want to use your product and be excited about updates. Your technology won’t be able to stay stagnant because any other option will become available with the latest, greatest and fastest options. Finding a way to integrate those improvements into your product – and keeping the UX at that same high level – is the challenge to your offering and company staying at the top in your segment.

A great user experience can set your company apart from the crowd.

There are ample examples throughout the IT world of products and software solutions which have succeeded even when other less expensive or more fully-featured options have failed. These products thrived because of the superior user experience.  No matter what else you offer, customers are simply not going to want to use a program or product that they have to struggle to make work. If your product is the most intuitive, clients are likely to flock to it.

Improve user experience with Technology Partners in St. Louis

To provide end users with a great user experience, you need talented IT staff members who will engage in good design from day one and who can provide comprehensive assistance with testing and troubleshooting. Our success stories show our wide range of experiences with helping clients develop robust IT solutions for their companies.

We provide expertise in a number of areas from IT staffing to CRM management to cloud productivity. To find IT staff skilled in the fine art of providing a great user experience, contact Technology Partners today at 877-636-1331 or contact us online.

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