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Are You Making The Mistake of Not Following Up After an Interview?

So you just had an interview for an interesting technology position with a top company in the industry. You feel confident about your overall performance and think you stand a great chance at getting a job offer. However, do you need to send a follow-up note to the interviewer, thanking them for the opportunity?  With the goal […]

5 Ways to Stand Out as a Senior Level Candidate

By Insights  The technology world relies on excellent management and executive talent for success. Senior-level IT professionals are needed for a multitude of important tech managerial roles. The experience and wisdom that comes with over ten years of experience remains vital throughout the industry.  When interviewing as an executive candidate, it helps to understand the […]

Focus on Adaptability to Gain an Edge During Interviews

By Insights  When interviewing for a great technology position, it helps to stand out from the other candidates. Sure, your exemplary tech skills and tangible work experience usually help in this regard. The modern company, however, increasingly values employees who are adaptable enough to quickly learn new skills, technical platforms, and job duties.  Here are […]

Small Talk Will Change Your Interview Game

By Insights Even with a great résumé filled with the hottest tech skills and tangible work experience, the interview still plays the biggest role in any successful job search. You need to practice your interviewing techniques, study your professional history, and research the company in question. This effort helps ensure an exemplary performance, giving you […]

How Important Is It to Research a Company Before an Interview?

How Important Is It to Research a Company Before an Interview? Congratulations are in order for earning an interview with a top technology company in your area. Of course, you need to spend some time practicing your interviewing techniques as well as reviewing your résumé, especially your tech skills and relevant work experience. Additionally, researching […]