Are You Struggling to Fill a Talent Gap?

Preventing a technology skills gap remains an important goal for any company, no matter its business sector. Failing to source and hire talented IT candidates causes organizations to fall behind in a competitive marketplace. This problem becomes exacerbated when employees look elsewhere for employment. Maintaining a robust talent pool needs to be a major focus […]

More Than 90% of Companies Use Staffing Agencies – Do You?

by Insights In this current job market, companies now find it challenging to source talented tech candidates, especially in high-demand job roles, like mobile development, machine learning, and information security. This is only one of the reasons your company needs to leverage the help of a staffing agency for its hiring needs.  Why Do Companies […]

How Important Is It to Research a Company Before an Interview?

How Important Is It to Research a Company Before an Interview? Congratulations are in order for earning an interview with a top technology company in your area. Of course, you need to spend some time practicing your interviewing techniques as well as reviewing your résumé, especially your tech skills and relevant work experience. Additionally, researching […]

How Are You Managing Different Personalities on Your IT Team?

Managing an IT team brings lots of challenges as you need to understand the logistics of technology that your staff members are working with. In addition to having a clear idea of what staff members are doing within the technical realm, you also can’t lose sight of the fact that ultimately, you’re managing people and […]

Top 5 Management Mistakes That Are Costing You Top IT Talent

For your IT company to be competitive in a fast-growing economy, you need to be able to hire top industry talent and keep your staff happy.  If qualified candidates do not want to work for your organization or if you have high turnover rates, you’re at a significant disadvantage.   Unfortunately, management mistakes may be […]

Should You Have a Functional Resume?

Traditionally, resumes are made up of lists of jobs in chronological order. You start with the most recent job on the top and you work your way backward, showing exactly how your career has evolved. Sometimes, you don’t even think twice about creating your resume and use this format because it’s the only format you […]

When Is the Boomerang Candidate the Best Hire?

Many companies looking to hire have a clear idea of who (or at least what skills and attributes) they want to fill a position. As you consider what type of person would be best for an open job at your business, you may find your mind wandering repeatedly to a person who used to work […]