5 Ways to Stand Out as a Senior Level Candidate

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The technology world relies on excellent management and executive talent for success. Senior-level IT professionals are needed for a multitude of important tech managerial roles. The experience and wisdom that comes with over ten years of experience remains vital throughout the industry. 

When interviewing as an executive candidate, it helps to understand the best ways to stand out from the pack. As such, here are a few tips and tricks on how to highlight your skills and experience to give you the best chance at a job offer. Soon that senior tech position will be yours! 

A Full Application is More Effective Than Merely Expressing Interest  

When you see a tech executive position that piques your interest, be sure to apply fully to the job posting. Merely reaching out through email or phone to express interest, although shows effort, may not be enough to get you the role. In fact, some hiring managers won’t even reply to these half-hearted queries. 

Tailor Your Résumé For The Specific Executive Position  

Whenever you are proactive by directly applying for a senior position, be sure to “personalize” your résumé for that role. This rule especially applies to the work history section of your CV, which is supported by the cover letter. In short, emphasize your skills and experience that match the requirements of the open position. 

Display the Right Level of Confidence  

You likely boast multiple accomplishments throughout your technology career. When discussing these during an interview, always remember there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Highlight your tangible managerial experiences, but at the same time, be sure to keep a humble air, especially by praising the contributions of your direct reports.  

Cultural Fit is Vital For Executive Candidates  

Of course, cultural fit is essential for any technology candidate, but it is vital for a senior-level role. Research the company in question to determine its culture and managerial style. Use this information to highlight your compatibility during a potential interview, as well as earlier on the résumé and cover letter tailored for the open position. 

Preparation is The Key to a Successful Interview  

Of course, preparing for an interview is essential no matter the level of the position, but it’s crucial when going after a senior or executive position. You only get one chance to shine. A dress rehearsal interview with a trusted colleague is an excellent idea to ensure an exemplary performance.  

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