Small Talk Will Change Your Interview Game

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Even with a great résumé filled with the hottest tech skills and tangible work experience, the interview still plays the biggest role in any successful job search. You need to practice your interviewing techniques, study your professional history, and research the company in question. This effort helps ensure an exemplary performance, giving you a great shot at an offer.   

Honing your conversational skills also helps your chances. It’s true. Small talk lets you relax while giving the interviewer a real insight into your personality and cultural fit with their company. Ultimately, organizations want to hire candidates that make a great fit. Let’s take a closer look.   

Confidence Helps Make Your Interview Successful    

Interviews tend to be nerve-racking for most tech professionals. When you are nervous, clearly expressing yourself becomes difficult. Your confidence likely suffers as a result. Needless to say, your chances at a job offer are small when giving off this impression.   

Focusing on small talk during the beginning of the interview helps lower your blood pressure. Sure, you can talk about the weather or the latest sports news to break the ice. However, show off your research into the company and the interviewer by steering the subject matter towards their latest project work or company culture.   

A Good Cultural Fit Helps Companies Retain Their Top Employees    

Companies are looking for employees who make a great cultural fit. Studies show that a compatible culture plays a significant factor in being able to retain their best workers. So merely working on making meaningful small talk with the interviewer helps illustrate that you’d easily hold a conversation with your managers and coworkers.    

Communication Matters in Today’s Technology World     

The modern technology world thrives on collaboration. It’s one of the reasons the Agile and DevOps methodologies remain popular throughout the industry. Of course, strong verbal communication is the lifeblood of this form of working together as a team.    

So, focusing on an interactive conversation during an interview is vital. Don’t merely answer the questions you are asked. Interact with the interviewer. Ask follow-up questions when you are done answering their queries. In the end, it’s an approach that raises your chances of getting an offer for the IT job of your dreams.    

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