Inclusive Innovation: Strategies for Diversity in the Tech World

By Lisa Nichols
CEO of Technology Partners

As the CEO of Technology Partners, I’ve dedicated my career to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Together with my husband and co-founder, Greg, we’ve built a company culture that celebrates the unique talents and perspectives of every individual.

When it comes to talent acquisition, the technology industry stands poised for an evolution in this area. The pursuit of redefining how companies attract and hire their people presents a compelling opportunity for corporate innovation and growth.

For corporations seeking to diversify their tech employee base, several strategic avenues can lead to a more inclusive and robust talent acquisition approach.

Here are four ideas for getting deeper on your inclusivity efforts:

Create Inclusive Hiring Practices: Implementing blind recruitment processes, where candidates are evaluated based solely on their qualifications rather than personal characteristics, helps mitigate bias and promotes fairness in hiring.

Additionally, having diverse interview panels ensures that different perspectives are considered during the hiring process, leading to more inclusive decisions. By focusing on skills and experience rather than demographic factors, organizations can attract and retain a diverse workforce that reflects the communities they serve.

Provide Diversity Training: Offering comprehensive diversity training programs equips employees with the knowledge and skills to recognize and address unconscious bias in the workplace.

These initiatives foster a culture of inclusivity where all employees feel valued and respected, regardless of their background or identity. By investing in ongoing education, organizations can create a more supportive and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are embraced and celebrated.

Promote Diverse Leadership: Actively seeking out and promoting diverse talent into leadership positions is essential for driving innovation and fostering a culture of inclusion. Diverse leadership teams bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the table, leading to more creative problem-solving and better decision-making.

By prioritizing diversity in leadership roles, organizations can set an example for the rest of the company and inspire greater inclusivity at all levels.

Foster Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration among teams with diverse backgrounds fosters an environment where different perspectives are valued and respected. By bringing together individuals with varied experiences and viewpoints, organizations can leverage the collective intelligence of their workforce to drive innovation and achieve better outcomes.

Creating opportunities for cross-functional collaboration not only strengthens team dynamics but also promotes a culture of inclusion where everyone feels empowered to contribute their unique insights.

In my speaking engagements and podcast, I explore the concept of inclusive innovation and share strategies for creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. It’s about more than just meeting quotas or ticking boxes; it’s about creating a culture of belonging where everyone feels valued and supported.

By embracing diversity, tech executives can not only build stronger, more resilient teams but also drive meaningful change in the industry as a whole.

Our journey as tech executives has taught us that diversity is about creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to bring their whole selves to work. By embracing diversity and leading with empathy, we can create a more inclusive and innovative tech industry for the future.

About Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is the CEO and co-founder of Technology Partners, a privately held business in St. Louis specializing in premier technology staffing, solutions, and leadership development since 1994. The company has earned accolades such as Top Workplace and Best of Staffing Diamond Status. Lisa inspires others to embrace their unique qualities, coined as their “something extra,” and has expanded her influence through the Something Extra podcast.

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