Technology Partners onboards one-year MBA students for an intensive consulting project

Last week, Technology Partners onboarded several one-year Master of Business Administration students of Saint Louis University for a data and analytics consulting project.

The students will complete a two-semester practicum under the guidance of Technology Partners Practice Director, Jake Gower, and Principal Data Scientist, Melissa Ingle.

“These are all very hard-working, driven, and intelligent students,” Gower said. “Together, we will explore deep analytics opportunities on a synthetic data set for a current client. We are excited to guide them to gain the skills needed for end-to-end machine learning in the cloud on a real-world use case.”

“We are grateful for Technology Partners and Jacob Gower for giving our students this great opportunity to learn and grow,” said SLU professor, Dr. Abhimanyu Gupta. “We look forward to this exciting project.”

This is the latest in a series of ongoing collaborative projects between Technology Partners and SLU. Last semester, Technology Partners Co-Founder and President, Greg Nichols, and members of his team attended final exams at SLU, wrapping up a collaborative, semester-long business analytics project.

Together with 13 undergraduate students, Professor Gupta taught a business analytics practicum course (ITM 4811) to solve a business problem provided by Technology Partners. Throughout the spring semester, students applied data analytics skills to solve the challenge.

“This was such an enjoyable experience and we’re so thankful to both Dr. Palash Bera and Professor Gupta for all the work they’re doing to advance the concept of experiential learning at SLU,” Greg said. “It truly is the future of business education.

“SLU is a powerhouse when it comes to producing the next great round of technology leaders, and we are thrilled to play a small role.”

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