St. Louis CIO Executive Leadership Summit with Mark Miller is the Region’s Must-Attend Event

By Kendall Brewer 
Director of Leadership Programs at Technology Partners

For the past nine years, Technology Partners has co-hosted the St. Louis CIO Executive Leadership Summit alongside HMG Strategy (Hunter Muller Group). This year’s edition is set for Oct. 5 and is filling up fast!

The event is slated to feature our best agenda yet, with discussions on the role of CIOs as executives, how the adoption of AI can improve the customer experience, and more. We will also host a special keynote speaker, Mark Miller, Former VP of High Performance Leadership at Chick-Fil-A, who will stick around Oct. 6 for a special “Culture Rules for STL” talk at Missouri Baptist University.

Here is a snippet of the agenda for Mark Miller’s message, from his newest book: ‘Culture Rules – Three Rules to Create the Ultimate Competitive Advantage.’

In every organization, people either love their work or loathe it; they contribute or coast. Your culture can be soul-enriching or soul-crushing. Your culture gives life or takes it. Your employees care deeply or couldn’t care less. Your organization’s culture can become the most valuable intangible asset you steward. You can build ahigh performance culture—a place where people and the organization win.

Cultures like this don’t just happen—leaders must build them. So, what really contributes to a thriving culture? What can you do to make a difference? Mark Miller and his team conducted a global study with more than 6,000 participants from ten countries to find the answers to these questions and more.

Mark will reveal the three simple rules that determine the health, vitality, and sustainability of culture, enabling you to build an organization that uncovers untapped potential and transforms it into performance. Play the game well and you’ll be astonished by what your organization can become. Culture rules!

This year’s event is in person and scheduled for 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CT) on Oct. 5. The summit will be hosted at the Chase Park Plaza, St. Louis (212 Kingshighway Blvd.). 

We recommend CIOs attend and invite their direct reports to join them. 

Here are some benefits of attendance:

• In-person networking opportunity with amazing leaders 

• Candid thought leadership from global tech executives

• Actionable insights you can bring back to your company 

Attendees will hear from an array of influencers and tech leaders, including executives from Ameren, Barry-Wehmiller, Boeing, Panera, Save-A-Lot, Meta, Mastercard, and more! 

Register today! 

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