Technology Partners featured in new Databricks article

At Technology Partners, we are beyond elated to collaborate with Databricks.

By harnessing the combined power of Databricks and Technology Partners, your organization gains access to lakehouse functionality, enabling all your data to be accessed for business insights and long-term research – two targets that have largely been unattainable for medical research institutions up to this point.

Databricks and Technology Partners have collaborated to create a scalable and secure Data Lakehouse Platform that is currently in market with leading medical research institutions across the United States.

This solution, Databasin, enables population health and precision medicine research by creating an automated research environment with powerful analytics built to take manual data management off your researcher’s plate.

In addition, machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities help create team science at scale, allowing your researchers to collaborate and share data across disciplines and institutions.

Read the full article here to find out why these are substantial wins if your team is considering multi-cloud architectures to simplify workflows, optimize data investments, and deliver critical insights.

And reach out to Technology Partners Practice Director Jake Gower at for more information.

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