From Chef to Coder (and beyond): Celebrating the Sizzling Career of Courtney Bowser and her TechLX Experience

Courtney Bowser joined Technology Partners two years ago with one of the more interesting backgrounds on staff. Instead of following a traditional path into the tech field, she started her career in the kitchen as a professional chef.

Working 20-hour days and burning out fast, Courtney joined the St. Louis-based Launch Code to reinvent herself and stabilize her career. “I was working a ton and honestly a little scared for my life during those first few months of the pandemic,” she said. “I think it was that mix of exhaustion and fear that made me decide to transition into tech.”

While learning at Launch Code, Courtney earned an apprenticeship with Technology Partners, and the rest is history. She has progressed into the role as Project Data Manager on the Data & Artificial Intelligence team that is driving transformation for enterprise and medical research organizations across the United States.

Serious about pursuing her own growth and development, she later joined the game-changing TechLX leadership development program, from which she graduated in July.

Courtney recently sat down with our communications team to reflect on her chef-to-coder career transition and what’s in store for her future.

What do you enjoy most about working at Technology Partners, especially given the unique career path you’ve taken to get here?

I’m loving it here. We have done some really cool work in the data visualization space, and I’m learning a lot. I always wanted to work for a company that makes an impact, and I’ve definitely found that here. Our CEO, Lisa, and our HR department in particular – they really care about you. They check in with you and make you feel valued. That is rare in a corporate setting.

You recently graduated from our TechLX program. How did that come about?

I was nominated to go through TechLX, which was really an honor. After learning a bit more about it, I thought participating would be a perfect way to take that next step in my development.

What did you enjoy most about TechLX?

I have loved getting to know my mentor, Aarti Sharma. She is a vice president at Mastercard and has just the most amazing story about moving to the United States in her 20s without speaking any English. The progress she has made in her career is astounding. We really hit it off and I have learned so much from her – and she has been kind enough to tell me that some our interactions have helped her think differently about leadership.

The program gets great reviews for its interactive workshops and external networking events…How important is the networking component of TechLX?

Taking the time to network has been something I have neglected in the past. Going through TechLX just solidified the importance of getting away from the office to build relationships with others. I know a lot of women in tech struggle with imposter syndrome, or not feeling like they measure up. Networking with others helps you overcome some of this and even allows you to provide some support to others who may be feeling the same way. 

While you’re still relatively young in your technology career, what are some of your aspirations?

I want to be a leader in the industry. It is so important for women and minority groups to enter the field. I want to get as far as I can to make the biggest impact on empowering others like me to succeed.


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