The Best Degrees For Students Interested in Tech

If you are interested in forging a career as a technology professional, consider earning a relevant technical college degree. While some successful IT pros only have a high school diploma, these cases remain exceedingly rare. The vast majority of companies look for at least some form of college tech degree among their ideal candidates.

So let’s take a closer look at the top degrees for those hoping to start a tech career after graduation. Leverage these insights to find a school with the right program for your hopes and dreams. Something with high-level courses and hands-on experience puts you on the right track for IT career success.

What Degree(s) Should a Student Get If They Are Interested in Tech?

A Computer Science Degree Provides a Background in Programming and IT

Earning a computer science degree remains a great way to position yourself for a career as a developer. Most programs cover a variety of programming languages, along with other relevant topics, like databases, the Cloud, and networking. As noted earlier, look for a program providing significant hands-on experience as well as a well-appointed programming lab. Expect to qualify for a variety of entry-level software development jobs after earning this degree.

Software Engineering Degrees are More Rigorous Than Computer Science

While a software engineering degree holds many similarities to one in computer science, the differences remain important. While programming courses are included, expect more of a focus on software design and technical architecture. In fact, some programs even cover project management or other similar managerial topics.

When going down the software engineering path, consider staying in school to earn your master’s degree. This approach puts you on a path to becoming a high-end software engineer or architect with lucrative earnings potential. 

Consider Earning a Network Engineering Degree

A network engineering degree readies you for a rewarding a career in network or Cloud administration. In addition to networking and distributed computing concepts, expect to also cover cybersecurity as a topic. These network-related job roles remain in demand among both larger enterprises as well as IT service providers.

A Data Science Degree Promises a Lucrative Tech Career

Finally, data scientists remain one of the most in-demand technology roles in the industry. Expect the need for these professionals to grow as more companies leverage data analytics to drive their decision-making processes. Like with software engineering, consider earning an advanced degree to give yourself the best chance at job opportunities.

Looking to Start a Career in IT?

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