TPI People Spotlight: Strategic Account Executive Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor joined Technology Partners in June 2008. In reflecting on her upcoming 15-year anniversary with the company, she sat down with our communications team to talk through her experience.

You’ve been with Technology Partners for a large chunk of your career…what brought you here and more importantly, what has kept you here?

I was hired as a technical recruiter, even though I came from the real estate world and did not have any experience with technology or recruiting. I quickly fell in love with my new career as there were a lot of synchronicities between the two worlds: Helping families find and build their dream homes and helping people find their dream jobs. I then went on to manage some of our key accounts with a very large portfolio of our staffing clients. I also managed a team of recruiters ensuring that our clients’ needs were met on time and with quality. And then fell back into my natural habitat of sales and joined the business development team a little over three years ago.

What does a day in the life look like for you?

A day in the life consists of networking (my favorite thing to do), strategy sessions (internal and with clients), and a lot of typical sales management activities, along with getting to know my colleagues and clients in a more relaxed environment. I really enjoy the social benefits of my job. I love building long-term relationships. There is not a better feeling when you are able to deliver for your clients on time and on or under budget and see the ROI happen! Each day I meet new people, new challenges and find new solutions. I like the diversity and constantly learning. It is fun, rewarding, and interesting work.

What are some of the reasons you have stayed with Technology Partners so long?

Wow, where do I start? Technology Partners is a privately held company with a family vibe. The work/ life balance is outstanding, they provide opportunities to learn and grow and I love the people I work with. They are my second family. I had a family emergency this summer, and they were one of the first ones to step in and help and support me and my family through our tragedy. So, when I say family, I don’t mean that lightly.  They walk the walk!

Technology Partners obviously gives back a ton to the St. Louis community…why is that important to you as an employee?

We’ve built a great reputation for giving back, and people recognize that. It’s one thing to write checks to organizations, and it’s another to be physically in the community making a difference. I am proud to work for a philanthropic company that has such an excellent reputation.

How have you grown during your professional time at TPI?

I have learned so much. Growth doesn’t necessarily mean advancing to a new role and taking on new responsibility, which I have done plenty while here, but I have gained new skills, met new people and gained new perspectives which has made me more satisfied and confident with my skills. I have had more rewarding challenges, increased my professional network and reputation with more opportunities to inspire change. I have also learned the value of teamwork. I love the collaboration that comes along with my job, whether that be with my colleagues or clients. When I have felt the need to be inspired, I have been asked and given more responsibility and complex tasks. I am always ready to pitch in where help is needed.

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