TPI People Spotlight: Sr. QA Tester Marlissa Brawner

As a Sr. Quality Assurance Tester at Technology Partners, Marlissa Brawner loves solving problems. By day, she helps enterprise clients overcome technology challenges. In her free time, she supports others in reaching their wellness goals. 

“My goal is to live out loud,” Marlissa said. “I love to speak my mind and offer up solutions. Technology Partners gives us the flexibility and trust to do so.” 

Prior to joining Technology Partners, Marlissa was a Sr. Quality Analyst for Charter Communications and served in various quality assurance/auditor roles for Scottrade. Her certified coaching business was borne out of a passion for helping others. 

Marlissa recently sat down with our communications team to talk through her history with Technology Partners and her thoughts on the overall team culture.

How do you help clients at Technology Partners? 

We make sure their applications and systems are working appropriately through constant testing. I have a QA mindset in everything I do. Even when I’m out shopping, I’ll drive my family crazy. I’ll see something that isn’t working and say, ‘Who QA tested this!’ It’s a mindset really. We all use that mindset to help our customers overcome their biggest technology challenges. 

What is the work culture of Technology Partners? 

It’s definitely one of the best cultures I’ve been a part of. Thinking back to Scottrade, we were like a family. We visited each other’s homes and supported each other through challenges. Fast-forward to Technology Partners, the people here are welcoming and laid back. There is no micromanaging here. I get my responsibilities and am allowed the space to get my work done. We are trusted to follow through, and that is one of the best things you can give your people. Trust. 

Away from Technology Partners, what do you love most about being a Certified Health and Wellness Coach? 

I get to directly impact people. I’m actually helping them add to the length and quality of their lives. I helped a client lose 50 pounds and get off – and reduce the amount of – some of the medication he was on. He was so excited. Those moments touch my heart and soul. 

What got you into the business of health coaching? 

My mom passed away 12 years ago. When she passed, she was obese, she had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was a diabetic as well. If she had more information and people helping her put more emphasis on wellness, it would have changed the trajectory of her life. She had just turned 64. Her passing (as well as beginning to see history repeat itself through me) was the motivation, my ‘WHY’ for me to get into this industry of helping people reach their health and wellness goals. 

Are there any parallels between QA work and health and wellness coaching? 

I would say the technology part of both sectors. We obviously use various technology tools to test applications for our clients. On the coaching side, I use social media and various programs to help my clients keep track of their progress. It makes it easier when clients can see things broken down and understand why you’re recommending certain changes. 

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