TPI People Spotlight: Client Manager Jason Keiser

Since joining Technology Partners in 2006, Jason Keiser has persevered through the most monumental labor market challenges in recent history. 

The Great Recession in 2008 and the ongoing Great Resignation spurred by the COVID pandemic left many talent acquisition organizations reeling as they dealt with never-before-seen shifts to the employment landscape. 

“As a client manager in our staffing business, our clients and talent are depending on us for expertise during these moments,” Keiser said. “The same things that made us attractive back in 2008 when the recession hit are the same things that make us attractive now. Transparency. An ethical approach. A focus on relationships…this all matters to them.” 

Jason recently sat down with our communications team to talk through his history with Technology Partners and his thoughts on the overall team culture. 

What does a day in the life look like for you at Technology Partners? 

I’m the client manager for some of our most high-profile accounts. Over the past two years, I’ve also started taking over the quality assurance role for the staffing team, ensuring everything we do is process-oriented and compliant. This spans training, staffing team guides, and process flows. This is all meant to ensure our team of seasoned recruiters are providing world-class IT talent to fill open positions. 

What are some of the reasons you’ve stayed with Technology Partners for more than 15 years now? 

We are in the people business. I love nothing more than being able to grow and nurture relationships, both internally and with our partners. We are a long-term partnership firm. That’s what attracted me to Technology Partners in the first place. We believe in sustainable, people-focused partnerships, and that requires a different mindset to really pull off. 

What are some of the biggest benefits to working at Technology Partners? 

The people I work with are like family. Our staffing team is tight-knit and focused on achieving a common goal. Our partners feel that, too. The word you’re going to hear a lot with regards to our staffing reputation is transparency. We are very up front with our clients about everything from process to rates. The organizations we represent are really driving the ship when it comes to determining the right fit for them. And a lot of the talent we have attracted for these roles have turned into long-term, amazing employees.

How have you grown as a professional during your time at Technology Partners? 

When I started here, I was single guy. Now I’m married with two beautiful children. As I’ve grown in this respect, TPI has allowed me the opportunity to be flexible, which has enabled me to focus on nurturing the relationships that have endured with our team and our client partners. Work-life balance has never been more important to prospective employees. It’s not hard to find a company that talks the talk. It’s really hard to find one that actually walks the walk.

About Technology Partners 

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