TechLX Testimonial: Lite Technology Solutions CIO Teri Green uses leadership program to position women for success

As Chief Information Officer and Co-Founder of Lite Technology Solutions, Teri Green knows a thing or two about bridging gaps. She founded her company in 2020 to level the playing field for minorities in technology and erase the discrepancy of women in the industry by connecting talent with employers.

She takes the same approach outside of the office, specifically in serving as a mentor for the fast-growing Technology Leadership Experience (TechLX) program in St. Louis. Teri recently sat down with our communications team to chat through her experience serving as a mentor for TechLX. 

Can you share a bit about your background with the TechLX program?

I’ve never been a mentee in the program, just a mentor. I saw the opportunity to help emerging leaders in our community, specifically women, and have loved being involved. It’s funny how much you can actually learn about yourself when you take on a mentoring role. 

What is your mentoring style and what can participants expect from enrolling in TechLX? 

I try to focus on strengths, not weaknesses. There are always strategies for pivoting around weakness versus exposing them. As a mentor, I try to listen more than I talk. Participants overall can expect a well-rounded program that is really making a difference in sharpening skills and improving the confidence of leaders – no matter how much experience they have.  

Do you have any success stories about those you have mentored within the program? 

My last mentee was the Director of DevOps at Mastercard. I helped her find ways to step into her confidence, and she was promoted to VP while we were still in the program. We went to eat at Cooper Hawk as we celebrated together. She achieved her goals in part by using the small tools I gave her and showing her how to step into her dreams.

What would you say to St. Louis organizations that may be considering TechLX to develop their talent? 

Companies should take a serious look at this program. You need to invest in your people to show them you care. As a leader, I never want our people to become stagnant. There is always room for growth, both professionally and personally. They can take on bigger projects or make a bigger difference in their communities. Programs like TechLX help position people to make a difference. 

How does the inequity for minorities and women impact the overall technology sector? 

It’s something that has been happening for a long time, and it really gets me concerned. I’m focused on closing that gap, but also on encouraging those who are in leadership roles to help each other out. Once we truly start caring for each other and believing in the mission, we’ll start to see some change. 

About TechLX

TechLX is a leadership development program that empowers, equips, and champions high-potential IT professionals as they grow into the next generation of CIOs and technology leadership of St. Louis. Since its inception in June 2018, the St. Louis chapter of TechLX has engaged over 80 companies in the area and has graduated over 150 participants. For more information on TechLX, contact Kendall Brewer, Director of Leadership Programs at Technology Partners.

About Technology Partners

Technology Partners is an award-winning, St. Louis-based company that provides solutions through talent, technology, and leadership development. In business for nearly 30 years, the company has partnered with hundreds of corporate clients across a range of industries nationwide. It is a certified Women Business Enterprise and was built upon a revolutionary transparent-margin business model. Visit for more information.

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