TPI People Spotlight: Isaac Stott – Frontend Developer

Isaac Stott loves creating new things. Want examples? 

• He launched a space startup focused on asteroid mining. 

• He has developed multiple full stack web applications for clients.

• He’s working on prototyping and testing a multi-electrical generator.

But one look at his LinkedIn headline (Husband | Father | Frontend Developer | Entrepreneur) will show you the most important thing he’s built: A family.

“For me, family is the most important thing, work comes second,” he said. “When you find a business that complements that ideology, it goes well with me.” 

Isaac joined Technology Partners as a frontend developer in January – and hasn’t looked back since. He recently sat down with our communications team to share his story. Enjoy! 

What’s the culture like at Technology Partners? 

Our team is really dynamic. Even though I’m coming in greener than everyone else, they haven’t put me in a corner and told me to just be the new guy. I’ve been given the green light to jump in and contribute. If you have an idea for a project, you’re encouraged to bring it up. If it makes sense, then it gets implemented. 

What are some of the biggest benefits to working at Technology Partners? 

I love the remote, flexible approach that Technology Partners offers. This company gives me the opportunity to work on really interesting projects, and I don’t have to do so while making sacrifices that are contrary to my family and happiness. I’m able to go to doctor’s appointments or dance recitals when I need to. When you offer that type of culture, your employees work even harder for you.

What’s the difference between working at Technology Partners versus some of the other companies you’ve worked at or built? 

One of the most exciting things about working for Technology Partners is the depth of knowledge that we have on the technical side. The projects we’re working on are very complex and the technology stack I’m using is cutting edge. I am definitely learning everything I want to be learning – and then some.

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