Analyzing The Number of Women Working in Technology  

Most modern technology employers understand the importance of building a diverse workforce. It plays a critical role in fostering a company culture able to attract and retain talented IT professionals. Ultimately, increasing the number of women working in tech positions plays a critical role in this championing of diversity.  

So let’s dive into the data concerning female IT professionals in the 21st Century world of technology. Use this information to take steps to attract more women into the industry, starting in high school or earlier. The benefits of a proactive approach to fixing this gender gap remain numerous, including building a more equitable society.  

How Many Women Are Working in Tech Jobs?

Data Reveals a Significant Gender Gap in IT Still Exists  

A recent report from DataProt analyzed a variety of data regarding women and the technology industry. For example, an American Enterprise Institute study found that women hold only 24 percent of current computer science jobs. Sadly, this percentage continues to trend downwards.  

Unfortunately, expect this decrease to continue if the educational statistics carry any weight. A study from STEM Graduates reveals only 19 percent of recent STEM degrees were earned by women. This number makes it difficult to see the gender gap closing in the near future.  

Conversely, a study from the Girl Scout Research Institute noted that 74 percent of female teens are interested in STEM. Tech employers need to help turn this interest into more women graduates of IT programs. A mentorship program featuring women tech professionals interacting with female high school students provides one step towards this goal.   

The Technology Giants Remain Male-Dominated  

The IT gender gap remains in full force at some of the top companies in technology. For example, 77 percent of Facebook’s technical employees are male. At Apple, that percentage increases slightly to 80 percent. Google also reports similar numbers, according to DataProt.  

Notably, all three companies mention prioritizing gender equality in their hiring. Hopefully, this advertised focus actually leads to a truly equitable workforce when it comes to gender.  

Women Boast The Same Technical Aptitude as Men 

In the end, any tech employer benefits from recruiting talented women software engineers. In fact, their coding skills rival those of male programmers, and might even be superior. A study from PeerJ Computer Science analyzed check-ins at GitHub. Code written by females received acceptance at a rate 4 percent higher than males when gender is kept secret. If the gender is known, male-written code is accepted at a higher rate. That data point sadly reveals the true nature of the IT gender gap.  

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