Why We Need Women in Tech

Why We Need Women In Tech

Tech companies around the world have long featured men at their forefronts. In contrast, women enter the information technology field in much lower numbers. Investigating why this inequality exists allows us to move forward as a society and rethink the value women bring to this ever-evolving industry. 

If you’re thinking of beginning a tech career, you may be wondering, why do we need more women in tech? Rest assured, the tech world needs your mind, talent and perspective right now and long into the future. 

The History of Women in Tech

Historically, women have been underrepresented in many STEM industries, which is why we need women in tech as society advances. Until the past few decades, females in information technology were rare. Those numbers have increased as women have fought back against unfair rules and social stigmas. 

In previous centuries, social expectations for men and women were very different from each other and largely unquestioned. Most of the opportunities offered to women were domestic, affording them little time or access to higher education and careers. When women did fight for the right to academic spaces, they were still often excluded from many experiences, as many people thought women had no place in science or technology positions. 

Though their stories often go untold, the tech industry has women to thank for countless accomplishments that have helped our society get where it is today. 

Many women throughout history have fought for their work to be recognized and taken seriously in the tech field, including:

  • Ada Lovelace: Considered the first computer programmer, Lovelace designed the first machine-readable algorithm in the 1800s. 
  • The ENIAC Programmers: This group was made up of six women who programmed the first all-electronic computer during World War II before computer science was recognized as an emerging field. 
  • Maria Klawe: A prominent computer scientist, Klawe advocates for women in tech. As the first female president of Harvey Mudd College, she continues to inspire female college students to major in computer science and find their voices in the field.
  • Katherine Johnson: A mathematician, Johnson confirmed the accuracy of NASA computer programs and performed calculations that helped make space travel possible in the 1950s onward. Her research and early computer work performed the calculations for the first human space flight, as well as many other space missions. 

Throughout history, women have paved the way for today’s tech world. As the tech industry advances into the future, the expertise women bring is more crucial than ever. 

Why the Future Needs More Women in the Tech Industry 

Information technology is one of the United States’ fastest-growing industries. As tech organizations strive to meet their goals and develop innovative strategies, female participation and leadership are crucial. While women bring diverse perspectives to the industry, they also contribute extensive knowledge and expertise to the growing field. 

Increased numbers of women in tech companies will help address the ongoing need for female representation across science and technology fields. 

More women will also create better gender diversity, which has been proven to help organizations succeed in several ways.

The Importance Of Gender Diversity

The Importance of Gender Diversity

Female representation in the tech industry is crucial for the field’s continued success. Diversity is a major marker of achievement in all fields, especially science. 

Gender diversity, in particular, matters in tech for several reasons. Studies have shown that a variety of gender perspectives leads to smarter, more innovative teams and greater discoveries. 

The viewpoints, expertise and experiences women bring to tech spaces often result in benefits like: 

  • Cohesive teams: Women are more likely than men to have higher levels of social perceptiveness, meaning they’re more aware of the other people they’re working with. Teams with women have greater participation equality, and teams with more than one gender tend to perform best in problem-solving tasks. 
  • Collective potential: Since teams with women generate more equal participation among all members, these teams also most effectively welcome, listen to and use the expertise of each member. Women are more likely to listen to other people and recognize their value, as they tend to notice and appreciate each team member’s educational and experiential qualifications more than men do. 
  • Increased revenue: Companies with high gender diversity generate a competitive advantage. When different kinds of people work together, they come up with better project ideas that make more money. 
  • Audience representation: When limited groups of people create products and services, they attract a limited audience. By extending more opportunities to women, tech companies can gain a better idea of how to serve the female market, as women make up almost 50% of the world’s population

Current women in tech become mentors for their future students and colleagues. Low numbers of women in tech are partly due to the lack of female mentors to see potential in other women and encourage them to follow tech careers. As more women enter the field, they help create more welcoming spaces for future women to join them. 

Women bring much-needed knowledge, expertise and perception to the tech world, enabling deeper collaboration and inviting critical perspectives from marginalized voices. 

How Technology Partners Supports Women In Tech

Diverse companies gain a better reputation for recruiting valuable assets to their teams. Here at Technology Partners, we’re proud to offer women the tech opportunities they deserve. 

Technology Partners is run by a female CEO, Lisa Nichols, who encourages other female business owners to lead the charge for a more equitable future for all. Lisa’s podcast, Something Extra, welcomes several women from the tech world and highlights their expertise to show how they’re making a difference in the industry. 

Our staff is 35% female, which is above the industry average, and we’re committed to growing that number each day. However, our female leadership goes far beyond simple representation. As a certified Women Business Enterprise, we empower all our staff and clients to succeed in their specific missions, using collaborative IT consulting to give people of all genders more control over their careers. 

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