Protect Your Business Data This Holiday Season

With the Holiday season upon us, it becomes a perfect time to vet your company’s disaster recovery process. After all, losing access to your technical infrastructure or critical corporate data requires a focused restoration effort. Downtime obviously hampers business operations any time of the year, but is especially harmful during the Holidays. 

Notably, unethical hackers tend to increase their nefarious activities at this time of the year. So protecting your company’s assets is even more important if your organization relies on eCommerce as a revenue source. As such, let’s take a closer look at how to craft an effective disaster recovery plan for your business.  

What Needs to be in Your Business’s Disaster Recovery Plan?  

Any disaster recovery plan must focus on providing continuity for your business’s technical infrastructure. This is the case no matter the nature of the disaster. A hacking incident, tornado or another severe weather event, and a fire all boast a strong destructive potential. Your plan needs to take each into account, as well as any other potential disasters.  

Obviously, companies with on-premises data centers carry more risk when compared to organizations with a cloud-based infrastructure. Factors like these all figure into the final recovery plan. Needless to say, the business continuity process is more complicated for those companies with a physical data center.  

At a minimum, disaster recovery plans must provide steps for bringing a company’s servers, applications, and data back online. As noted above, those organizations with a data center must handle the additional complexity of restoring a physical facility. In that scenario, having a cloud-based backup solution probably suffices for at least a partial restoration. 

The move to remote working in the wake of COVID-19 definitely offered insights on keeping employees productive from home. This is a valid option for a disaster that destroys a business’s office space. Again, the use of cloud-based services for applications and data helps restore business functionality as quickly as possible.  

Partner With Experts in Disaster Recovery Solutions  

At Technology Partners, your company has a partner able to help your team develop its own disaster recovery plan. We put our expertise to the test by working with other clients to build their own business continuity procedures. In addition to helping you design the right recovery strategy, we also provide full support in the event of a disaster.  

When searching for the right IT organization to help your recovery planning, look no further than Technology Partners. As one of the top technology service providers in St. Louis, we can help ensure your business’s success. Schedule some time to discuss your organization’s specific needs.  

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