Analyzing The 2022 IT Salary Trends

When building or maintaining a lucrative technology career, it helps to understand the latest salary trends. This information provides useful insights on the hottest job roles and tech innovations influencing IT pay rates. It also inspires you to get the training, keeping you in demand when it comes time to look for work.  

So let’s take a closer look at some of the critical IT salary trends for the upcoming year. Leverage this valuable information to keep your tech career headed on an upwards path. Taking this proactive effort with your career puts the proverbial corner office squarely in your future!  

Salaries Continue to Increase While Employees Feel Underpaid 

A recent survey predicts professional salaries, including IT workers, to increase by nearly four percent over the next year. This growth isn’t too surprising, since pay rates typically jump each and every year. Interestingly, the survey noted nearly half of the respondents feel currently underpaid by their employer. Nearly one-third would consider leaving for another position due to a low salary.   

In a job market where certain tech positions remain high in demand, companies must boost pay to improve retention. This is especially the case with job roles in cybersecurity, especially those SecOps professionals with significant experience. Experience in AI, mobile development, and Cloud architecture also commands a higher salary. Businesses must keep these facts in mind when formulating their staffing plans for 2022 and beyond.  

Certain Technology Jobs Enjoy Even Higher Salary Growth 

A closer look at the numbers reveals certain tech jobs boast even higher salary projections for 2022. We already mentioned cybersecurity pros, mobile developers, and software engineers with AI experience. Here are some other tech positions with higher than average pay increases forecast for next year.  

For example, the predicted salary range for database administrators is $82,750 to $124,500. This shows a potential increase of nearly seven percent. Front-end developers are projected to earn from $76,250 to $107,750, a projected boost of six percent.  

SecOps managers command high salaries. Once again, the demand for cybersecurity pros plays a critical role in their pay rate. Information systems security managers are projected to earn from $129,750 to $187,750 in 2022. This forecast growth rate is 5.5 percent. Needless to say, companies that want to employ top-notch tech talent must offer generous salary packages. Take advantage of this fact when starting your next job search.  

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