How to Build a Team of Highly Motivated Individuals

Effective management remains an important competitive differentiator in the technology world. Companies able to inspire their employees to work harder and more efficiently simply stand a better chance of success. Ultimately, building teams working together in a copacetic fashion needs to be the focus of today’s tech manager.  

With the goal of forging motivated teams of IT workers, check out these tips on how to inspire your staff. In the end, leveraging these insights simply gets you noticed as a more productive and effective manager. Perhaps a rewarding executive position lies in your near-term future? 

Provide Significant Opportunities for Professional Development  

The modern technology professional wants to work for a company that values employee development. Offering a robust training program combined with reimbursement for tuition and certification tests helps your staff build their skills. At the same time, provide them with the chance to gain additional responsibility for your company’s project work. This approach definitely serves to motivate them. 

Champion Collaboration and Teamwork on Your Projects  

Tech companies increasingly value collaboration and teamwork to make their employees more efficient and productive. This management style remains a major reason for the growing popularity of Agile, DevOps, and similar methodologies. Most IT workers want to work for an organization that fosters teamwork in fashion. 

Treat Any Mistakes as a Learning Opportunity  

In a technology world where new innovations are commonplace, IT professionals occasionally make mistakes. Instead of delivering punishment, treat each incident as a learning opportunity. This policy simply inspires everyone on your team. In fact, many veteran tech pros feel anyone not making periodic mistakes isn’t really working hard enough. 

Give Your Project Teams Achievable Goals  

Having a set of clearly defined goals also serves to motivate your staff to give their full effort. In fact, goal-setting with your team remains an important function for any technology manager. Be sure to periodically check the progress towards achieving those goals. Of course, following an Agile-inspired methodology includes these steps as part of any project lifecycle. 

Micromanagement is The Wrong Approach  

Never micromanage your employees. Ultimately, providing your employees the space to make mistakes, learn, and succeed remains the best way to inspire effort. The best tech managers understand when a hands-off approach works best. 

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