Why Senior-Level Employees Must Be Recruited

So your company wants to add some experience to its technology team. However, after posting your open position online, the HR team only received a small number of applications. In the end, you weren’t able to source and hire the experienced tech professional you wanted.  

Understanding why you struggle to find excellent senior-level candidates helps fine-tune your recruiting efforts. In many cases, these are passive candidates generally happy in their current professional situation. This scenario ultimately requires a more proactive and well-considered recruiting effort. Check out this advice to hire the experienced IT talent your company needs. 

Strategies for Sourcing Experienced Tech Candidates  

As noted above, most senior-level technology professionals tend to be passive candidates. They typically enjoy a secure position with their employer; while boasting a large professional network. This situation remains way they typically don’t respond to (or even notice) online job postings.  

Ultimately, you need to proactively source quality senior-level professionals. The same techniques for recruiting passive candidates apply in this case. For example, leveraging your own professional network provides one source for potential candidates. Additionally, offering referral bonuses to your own employees also helps these specialized recruiting efforts.  

Once a candidate is identified, a slow, deliberate approach generally works best. Connect with them at an industry mixer or over lunch to gauge their interest. Use these meetings to conduct an informal interview to find out their experiences and professional dreams. If your opportunity intrigues them, only then engage your company’s formal interview process. 

Getting them to agree to join your organization usually requires a generous offer and potentially a signing bonus. If your company’s vacation policy is based on seniority, ensure their previous employment experience applies. In short, respecting their experience raises your chances of an offer acceptance. 

Partner With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency to Source Senior Professionals 

Additionally, a partnership with an experienced technical staffing agency provides another great source for experienced IT professionals. The best tech agencies boast senior-level recruiters who maintain relationships with the talented candidates your organization wants.  

In fact, after building a relationship with an agency, they grow to understand your company’s culture and hiring needs. This enables them to match your business with difficult-to-hire candidates that make a great it. So consider adopting this strategy for the best chance at sourcing and hiring top-shelf senior-level technology talent. 

When searching for an IT staffing agency with whom to work, look no further than the team at Technology Partners. As one of the preeminent technical staffing firms in the Midwest, we provide exceptional candidates at all experience levels. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your organization’s needs.  

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