How to Determine if You Should be Applying for a Senior Level Job

Your technology career continues to go well. Managers regularly praise your hard work and significant project accomplishments. Thankfully, you also receive annual raises along with an occasional bonus. However, you feel it’s time for a promotion into a senior-level IT position. 

Figuring out if you now qualify for a senior technology role takes some analysis before asking for a promotion. Ultimately, you might need to look for more responsibility elsewhere if the path is blocked at your current employer. Let’s take a closer look at this important issue to keep your career on the right track. 

Speak With Your Manager  

If you are happy with your current employer, speak with your manager about getting more responsibility. Displaying leadership understanding in the office by mentoring coworkers helps get you noticed. As mentioned earlier, if your path to promotion seems blocked, you might need to look elsewhere for a better opportunity.  

Analyze the Job Description 

You need to closely analyze the job description before applying for any position. Going for a software engineer position requiring 7-10 years experience wastes your time when you have only two years. Being within a year or two of the requirement might work depending on the current job market. Take a more aggressive approach if your experience lies in an in-demand role, like cybersecurity. 

Research the Leadership Team at Companies of Interest  

Once you identify a few companies that interest you, spend some time researching their management team and other senior-level employees. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for this kind of research. Try to determine the experience levels of employees currently in the senior role you want. This approach gives you a good idea of how experienced you need to be for a good chance at an offer. 

Of course, this research also pays dividends if and when you earn that interview. Use information about the company to fuel informed questions when prompted to ask your own during the interview.  

When in Doubt, Apply! 

As noted earlier, when your experience level is within a year or two of the job’s requirements, still apply. Use the cover letter to express your excellent fit for the position and to upsell your skillset. Work with your recruiter for additional insights and advice. 

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