Haven’t Updated Your Résumé in a Few Years? Here’s Where to Start.

So you decided to look for a new position after many years in your current role. Of course, any job search requires a well-crafted résumé to attract the attention of hiring managers. If your current CV is out of date, an entire redesign is likely a smart idea. 

Remember, HR personnel likely see more than 100 résumés for any open position. So you need to stand out from the pack as a qualified candidate. With that in mind, check out these tips for freshening your stale résumé.  

Clear and Concise is the Golden Rule  

Any résumé needs to be easy to read to have a chance of attracting interest. Clearly delineate the various sections, using bolded text to draw the reader’s attention. Try to keep things to one page, as a second page isn’t likely to be read.  

Use the Hottest Keywords in the Skills Section  

Recruiters increasingly search for candidates online, using LinkedIn and other web-based job portals. Peppering the skills section of your résumé with hot keywords helps optimize the search results in your favor. Once again, in a competitive field of candidates, you need to get noticed. This keyword-based approach helps you accomplish that goal.  

Only Highlight the Most Recent 10 to 15 Years in Your Work History  

Interested companies only want to see your most recent professional accomplishments on a résumé. So only include the past 10 to 15 years when crafting the work history section of your CV. Don’t provide a reason for a hiring manager to disqualify your candidacy based on your age. 

Highlight Tangible Professional Experiences Throughout Your Career   

Hiring managers want to know the impact you made on previous employers. So highlight the work history section of your résumé with the tangible experiences you made. Use facts and figures to emphasize the positive difference hiring you offers a potential new employer.  

Diversify Your Work Experience With One Employer  

When working at the same company for years, add separate entries for each position within the work history section. After all, only one entry in that section accounting for over ten years looks slight. Following this approach lets you go into more detail on your career progression. Note the fact you gained more responsibility over time. 

Partner With the Experts

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