Does GPA Matter For Recent IT Graduates Seeking Work?

Congratulations are in order because of your recent graduation with a hard-earned technology degree. Now the difficult work begins, as you need to find a job in your field. With little experience in IT, companies must understand you still can make a positive impact on their organization.

When crafting your first post-graduate résumé, should you include your GPA? Do companies want to know if you were a good student before offering you a position? Let’s take a look at this important issue, helping you start your job search on the right foot.

A High GPA Shows Commitment to Potential Employers

You needn’t apologize for a high GPA, either on your résumé or when interviewing with potential employers. An exemplary college performance shows your intellectual chops as well as your hard work. This is especially the case when your degree matches your desired career path: becoming a technology professional.

Still, companies want employees with other skills beyond great classwork. Be sure to emphasize other extracurricular activities that illustrate your leadership, teamwork, and community spirit. Any internship experience is another plus. In short, showing the potential to become a well-rounded IT professional is a must.

Candidates With Average GPAs Need to Emphasize Other Qualities

If you boast a GPA from 3.0 to 3.5, it still shows you performed well in school. However, you need to highlight other qualities on your résumé to get a chance at an interview. Again, detail any IT-related experience, like time spent on an internship.

Perhaps you volunteered on a tech project for a charity? That work illustrates a charitable spirit and a sense of community. Experience on open source projects also matters.

Additionally, emphasizing any leadership experience helps attract interested companies, as noted earlier. Also, spend time attending any conferences or other events related to your career path. You gain the opportunity to build a professional network, which is a valuable resource throughout your career.

What if You Have a Poor GPA?

Simply put, if your GPA falls below a 3.0, don’t include it on your résumé. However, be honest about it when asked during an interview. Remember, an interested company has access to your college transcript.

If they discover your lie, you lose any chances at a job offer. It’s also a horrible way to start your tech career. Once again, highlight your technical skills, any tangible IT experience, and examples of your leadership and charitable activities.

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