Where to Start When Creating a Company Podcast?

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, with topics that span almost the entirety of the human experience. Companies in multiple business sectors are beginning to use the podcast as another advertising channel to connect with clients. They now play a key role in corporate branding; helping organizations broadcast their message to current and potential customers.  

If you are curious about starting a podcast for your business, where to begin remains an obvious question. Let’s take a closer look at this topic to help you understand what it takes to produce and distribute podcasts. Leverage these ideas to give your marketing some extra horsepower. 

Treat a Podcast Like an Audio Blog  

A podcast allows companies to publish news on new projects or other items potentially of interest to customers. In essence, it’s really an audio blog. However, producing one requires more technology than a text editor and website.  

Spend time planning the podcast. Create a schedule with topics of interest to clients and customers. Also, schedule some guests related to your podcast topics. Additionally, craft a catchy name, and create a logo and graphics that leverages your company’s current branding. This artwork also needs to be catchy to attract the interest of listeners browsing their podcast app.  

You also need music for the intro and closing. Consider a royalty-free option as you don’t want to have a copyright issue when using a commercial song. Also, don’t forget to choose a current employee – one with a “radio-friendly” voice – to serve as a host.  

What Gear is Necessary for a Podcast?  

Essentially, it would be best if you had a small recording studio to produce audio content. Of course, having a decent microphone and a computer also suffices for some situations. Still, if you plan on having guests, appointing a small office room as a studio is smart. Consider some acoustic treatments for the walls to improve sound quality.  

Conduct a few test recordings to vet the audio. Does one good microphone work for all speakers? If not, providing headset mics for everyone is another option. 

Finally, you need audio software to record and edit your podcast. Options abound, including applications that also handle publishing your podcast after you finish editing it. Once it’s published, be sure to publicize each episode on your social media channels. Now, just sit back and watch your audience grow. 

If the process of creating your own podcast seems overwhelming, reach out to the team at Technology Partners. Yes, your favorite technical staffing agency now provides podcast production as a service. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your specific needs.  

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