25 Participants Selected for Next Cohort of TechLX St. Louis Regional Technology Leaders Development Program

St. Louis, Mo., Febuary 23, 2021: Twenty-five promising IT industry leaders from 13 technology-focused St. Louis companies have been selected to participate in the next cohort of the TechLX leadership development program sponsored by Chesterfield-based Technology Partners.  The new cohort will undertake a year-long program of leadership skills development through a series of group presentations, mentor meetings, peer problem solving sessions and ongoing networking.  TechLX is designed to fill a critical IT leadership gap in the St. Louis region with a new brand of visionary IT professionals with real business leadership experience to lead the local economy into the future. 

This is the sixth St. Louis cohort of IT professionals to undergo the stimulating TechLX program, and a seventh cohort is planned to begin in June. Since its founding in 2019, 157 rising IT professionals from 65 St. Louis area companies have completed or are currently participating in the TechLX program with active support from 86 total mentors. Men and women that complete the program are better prepared to anticipate and harness technological disruption for the benefit of their companies and work directly with senior leadership to lead business initiatives at a high level. 

“Unfortunately, most IT professionals today viewed as solutions providers are not skilled or experienced in leading business initiatives or participating at the C-suite level inside their companies,” said Greg Nichols, President and Chief Operating Officer of Technology Partners. “TechLX is a much-needed investment to help talented IT professionals build their communication, collaboration, marketing and negotiating skills and learn how to delegate, manage against business objectives, build trust and spend more time with senior leadership to become trusted advisors.”   

Technology Partners has been guiding the local operation of this national program in conjunction with Ouellette & Associates, a Bedford, New Hampshire-based professional development firm that develops the human side of technology and business cultural change. For information on participating in the next TechLX cohort, visit www.technologypartners.net/solutions/tech-lx

About Technology Partners 

Technology Partners is an award-winning, Chesterfield-based company that provides premier IT staffing and solutions. With over 2years of experience, the company has partnered with hundreds of corporate clients across a range of industries nationwide, primarily fintech, healthcare and agriculture. It is a certified Women Business Enterprise and was built upon a revolutionary transparent-margin business model. Technology Partners provides a competitive advantage for its clients while giving consultants higher salaries and career control. For more information, visit www.technologypartners.net

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