Interview Questions to Ask Your Engineering Candidate

When trying to hire a talented engineer, the interview obviously plays the most important role in your staffing process. Meeting with a candidate – virtually or in-person – provides an opportunity to probe into their relevant skills and experience. Of course, asking the right questions at this time becomes critical for discovering the most about your potential hire.

With an eye towards making the right hiring decision, here are a few interview questions to ask your next engineering candidates. Provide this information to all your interviewers to ensure a standardized process. Soon, expect a qualified new engineer to make a positive impact on your company’s operations.

Describe Any New Engineering Skills You Acquired

All engineering fields are known for innovative technologies and methodologies. Any successful engineer takes pride in keeping their skill set up to date. Use this question to determine the candidate’s desire to learn new innovations and how quickly they grasp fresh concepts. Afterwards, verify their responses against the details of their résumé.

What Do You Enjoy the Most About Being an Engineer?

Finding out a candidate’s motivations helps you understand their potential fit within your organization. This question provides insights into why they are an engineer, and their desire to stay in the field. Considering the importance of employee retention to the success of your company, ask this question during every interview.

Explain a Recent Engineering Problem You Solved

Problem-solving remains a critical soft skill for any professional engineer. This question offers a look into a candidate’s thought process when forced to handle any unforeseen issue. Additionally, ask them about any problems they were unable to solve. This query provides a window into how they handle adversity.

Also, consider asking the candidate to solve a problem or two as part of a technical interview for additional insights. This approach gives your interviewer some insights into how a candidate functions under pressure.

What Are Your Goals for The Next Five to Ten Years?

This general question provides helpful information on the desired career path of the candidate. Once again, retaining employees is important, so you need to understand if the candidate’s goals match your company’s long-term needs. If the candidate is an experienced professional, compare the response to their engineering career to date.

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