Teams Who Volunteer Together, Stay Together

Of course, companies employing technology professionals need to provide professional development opportunities to boost employee satisfaction. However, building a culture known for being active in the community also plays a vital role in retention. It also helps foster the teamwork you need for a collaborative and productive organization. 

With retaining your employees in mind, here are a few insights why volunteer and charitable activities matter. Leverage these ideas to ensure your team stays inspired and engaged in the office and the community. Remember, growing a positive company culture is a multi-faceted process. 

Non-Profits Regularly Need Technology Help  

One obvious way to get your company involved in the community is volunteering on a technology project for a local non-profit. This approach gets your team working together for a good cause. It’s also a great way to test employees who are interested in moving into a new role. For example, let someone interested in project management serve as a PM on a volunteer project. They are able to build confidence, which is an excellent professional development opportunity. 

Additionally, volunteer projects also provide a lab for new methodologies and/or technologies. If you are interested in moving to Agile, use it on a charitable initiative. The same concept applies with DevOps and its associated automation tools. The latter methodology also fosters collaboration among your team. 

Build Your Presence in the Community  

Tech pros want to work for organizations that are dynamic and growing. Local volunteer work helps get your company noticed. Improving your reputation in the community helps attract interested candidates who want to join a great team.  

When volunteering, your employees get the chance to collaborate with coworkers in a different environment. Once again, this exposure helps to grow a true sense of team outside of the office. They become more likely to stay with your company – and their colleagues – over the long haul.  

Get Your Managers to Set an Example  

Of course, some employees are busy and don’t want to spend their extra time volunteering. So get your managerial team to set an example with their presence at your charitable activities. Also, be generous by buying food for the team. Ever consider hosting a social event after the volunteer work is completed. This approach adds to the sense of camaraderie.  

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