Secure Your Next Promotion in 2021

The New Year brings an opportunity to build your technology career. With the Coronavirus pandemic hopefully waning, take this chance to set the professional goals you need for growth. For example, learning a new technology or soft skill positions you for a promotion into a new role. 

If you want to take your tech career to a higher level, here are a few tips on how to reach that goal. Remember that focused effort – both inside and outside the office – helps get you noticed by your bosses. Perhaps a managerial position awaits you in the future?  

Add to Your Portfolio of Skills  

A technology professional’s learning only ends on their retirement day. Companies want to employ workers who continuously strive to acquire new skills and knowledge. So make it a point to earn a certification or two in the latest tech innovations.  

Depending on your company’s technology stack, data science and machine learning are good choices. Programmers need to explore the hottest languages, like Python, TypeScript, and Swift. Brush up on your soft skills, like verbal and written communication, as well as problem-solving. 

Get Noticed at Work  

Even if you are a productive employee, giving a little more effort helps you get noticed by your managers. Be sure to arrive early and stay late every day when possible. Try to help your fellow coworkers when they are struggling with a difficult technical problem. Being a mentor in this fashion puts you on a shortlist for a promotion.  

Talk About Your Promotion Hopes With Your Manager  

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your manager to discuss your desire for promotion. A great manager provides insights into the company’s plans for growth and how your career path fits into their strategic outlook. Work together to set a few goals aimed at helping you reach this goal.  

Perhaps you need some extra training to get your skills up to the level the company wants? Take advantage of any volunteer IT projects with non-profits to help gain confidence in a senior or managerial role. Also, regularly meet with your boss to check your progress towards achieving those goals. 

Ultimately, if you feel your current employer isn’t providing an opportunity for a promotion, then consider looking for that chance somewhere else. Following the previous tips puts you on a path to success. 

Are You Searching for a Job With Career Growth?

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