2021 Technology Trend Predictions

Whether you are a software engineer or manage an IT team, understanding the latest technology trends is a must. After all, the tech world shifts on a yearly basis, requiring one to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. Failure to do so leads to being left behind with an obsolete skill set. 

Check out this list of the top 2021 technology trends to keep abreast of this constantly changing field. Use the information to get the training you need to ensure your skills stay up to date. Ultimately, maintaining a successful IT career requires it. 

AI Continues to Transform The Business World  

It seems like artificial intelligence is on a top IT trends list every year. That’s because technology innovation continues to make a significant impact in multiple business sectors. Everything from customer service chatbots to self-driving cars rely on AI and machine learning. 

Developers need to consider learning the Python language, which is used for crafting machine learning models. This knowledge is also a must if you want a career in data science. 

Cloud-Based Service Offerings Grow in Popularity  

Companies moving some or all of their IT infrastructure to a Cloud-based service provider is another continuing tech trend. Organizations reap significant cost savings while being able to focus on running their core business operations. Additionally, with working from home popular due to COVID-19, employees gain access to company applications and data from a remote location. As such, as-a-service offerings play an essential role in maintaining a high productivity level during the pandemic and beyond. 

5G Networking Continues to Expand  

While 5G smartphones are gaining a lot of buzz in TV commercials, consumer network rollout remains relatively slow. Ultimately, the big transformation in 5G lies in the business and manufacturing world. Expect 5G’s exceedingly low latencies to help the IoT become a real gamechanger.  

Remote management of industrial networks, the previously mentioned self-driving automobiles, and even online video gaming benefit from low latency. In short, that’s the big advantage of 5G as opposed to faster data speeds.  

Internal Training in Cybersecurity  

Cybersecurity professionals remain difficult to source. The demand for these professionals is at an all-time high due to risks from hackers. Because of these facts, expect companies to increasingly train current employees – especially programmers – in SecOps techniques. 

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