The Top Tech Publications Your Company Should Subscribe To Today

Staying informed is critical for any technology professional. In a constantly changing industry, those companies who keep abreast of the latest innovations enjoy an advantage over the rest. This approach ensures your executive team performs strategic planning with the necessary knowledge for success. 

Technology magazines traditionally provide a keen measure of insight to IT pros at all levels of the corporate food chain. Here are a few of the top IT publications your company needs in its office library. Consider gifting one or more of these subscriptions to your employees to boast a truly informed workforce. 

Wired Still Enjoys Its Status as a Preeminent Tech and Science Magazine  

Providing a subscription to Wired for your employees ensures your organization understands the impact of technology on the world. The magazine offers a high-level overview of both science and technology, focusing on their impact on culture. Readers gain unique insights on the hottest current technologies, as well as what’s coming down the pike.  

PC World Remains Essential for Computing Professionals  

While PC World has been around for decades, it still provides a valuable window into the current tech scene. Reviews of PCs and related equipment are essential for smaller businesses looking to spend their money wisely. The latest tips and tricks ensure companies get the most from their investment in computing equipment. This help is especially important with more employees working out of a home office.  

CIO is Essential Reading for Technology Executives  

Of course, technology executives need to fully understand the current IT scene. Even more important is their knowing where the industry is headed five to ten years in the future. CIO magazine provides this valuable information. It ensures their readership gets the strategic insights on the future of technology as it relates to their businesses. 

net Magazine is Perfect for Web Development Companies  

If your company builds websites, net Magazine needs to be on the subscription list for your employees. This publication covers all things related to web development, including design principles, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Keen insights from some of the top web designers in the industry are a valuable resource for your staff. 

Linux Format Covers The Open-Source Community  

Companies focusing on open-source development need a subscription to Linux Format. Expect everything programming tips on Python to the best Linux distributions. It’s a useful resource for IT professionals, from programmers to network administrators. 

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