Creating a Strong Culture With a Remote Workforce

With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to disrupt the business world, companies are increasingly relying on a remote workforce. Remember, some were already taking this approach before COVID-19. While telecommuting is boosting productivity for many organizations, forging a sense of community is naturally becoming more difficult. Tech firms need to take a different approach to foster teamwork if remote working is the new normal.  

The importance of a strong company culture remains critical during these difficult times. Here are a few tips on how to build (or maintain) a real community among employees not located in the same office. Leverage these ideas to foster an engaged and inspired workforce.  

Remote Working Provides Significant Benefits  

As noted above, some organizations already rely on a telecommuting workforce, even before the pandemic. They’ve discovered significant benefits, as noted by a study in the Harvard Business Review. These include: 

  • Higher employee morale 
  • Reduced absenteeism  
  • Higher productivity 
  • Cost savings  
  • A larger talent pool 

So the HBR study notes many positives due to remote working. Both the employer and employee benefit from this approach. But how do organizations create a positive culture without an office? 

Promote Your Company Values  

Simply the process of crafting values, if they don’t already exist, adds a sense of worth to any organization looking to forge a company culture. All remote employees need to be aware of the company values. Also, promote them when interviewing candidates.  

Once these values are detailed, create an inspirational document highlighting them. Make sure all remote employees get a copy. Additionally, publish them on the corporate website for everyone to see. This approach attracts tech candidates researching a potential new employer.   

Also, consider promoting your company culture in the public space. Have a company executive write an article highlighting the corporate values and publish it on LinkedIn, Medium, and other social media sources. Using a slide deck for this purpose is another useful tactic for attracting attention. 

Communication Becomes Critical With a Remote Staff  

Companies with remote workers need to take advantage of the many tools available for videoconferencing and collaboration. They provide an essential focus on communication that’s a critical aspect of building a strong company culture. Your managers need to set clear guidelines for communication. At a minimum, team members need to be available for a chat when they are on the clock.  

Over time, this consistent open communication helps forge the collaborative culture your company needs for success in the modern business world. 

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