Is Getting Too Comfortable in Your Job a Bad Thing?

Keeping your career trending upwards requires regular analysis of your current job role. In a fast-changing technology world, becoming complacent might result in you getting left behind. After all, being a great Flash developer holds little value in the current IT job market.  

A simple question remains: is it a bad thing to feel too comfortable in your current tech job? Here are a few signs to help you decide whether or not to start looking for something new. Simply put, don’t let complacency hamper your professional growth. Maybe a call to your recruiter is in order? 

You Stop Giving The Extra Effort to Impress  

In many cases, new employees work extra hard to impress their bosses. After all, it’s a good idea to make your employer feel they made the right decision by hiring you. However, it’s natural for this feeling to fade over time.  

Pay attention if you stop spending your own time to help a coworker with a problem, and otherwise, don’t stray from your assigned job duties. You are probably getting too comfortable. Don’t be surprised if your managers notice. 

Keeping Your Opinions to Yourself  

The modern technology world thrives on collaboration. This includes the give-and-take necessary to devise and build great applications, networks, and websites. If you find yourself staying quieter during these types of team meetings, perhaps complacency is setting in? You likely need a change in your career path. 

You Stop Updating Your LinkedIn Profile  

Slacking off on networking or even updating your online résumé and LinkedIn profile is a sign of the career doldrums. Of course, a new job might snap you out of your malaise, but that becomes more difficult with an outdated LinkedIn profile. Get some career advice from a trusted colleague or recruiter. 

Becoming a Clock Watcher  

Working as a technology professional often requires weeks that are longer than 40 hours. As noted earlier, one tends to give a little more effort when first starting a new position. After a certain point, if you start keeping a strict 9-to-5 schedule with overtime becoming rare, you need to take stock in your current role.  

Are you merely bored? Maybe a new position with another company is the solution to your problems? Reach out to your recruiter for their insights. 

Partner With a Trusted IT Recruiter

If you need help keeping your IT career path headed upwards, speak with the knowledgeable recruiters at Technology Partners. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in St. Louis, we know the companies looking for talented candidates. Connect with us soon! 

We can help you gain the flexibility you desire in your career. See our current opportunities.

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