How to Forge a Career Filled With Purpose and Passion

Staying inspired remains an essential part of a lifelong and rewarding technology career. Working for companies that enable you to be passionate about your profession helps you achieve this goal. Of course, finding the right employer takes a bit of effort anytime you decide to look for a new job. 

Finding a great company that makes a perfect cultural fit takes both research and asking the right questions during an interview. Here are a few ideas on how to probe into a potential employer’s culture when meeting with them. Leverage this advice to find the right IT position for you. 

Inquire About The Types of Projects You Will be Working On  

Of course, cultural fit matters when searching for a new job. However, if the work itself relies on outdated technology, your professional satisfaction suffers as a result. So make it a point to ask about the types of projects you can expect with this company. The important thing is ensuring you won’t get bored after a few months. 

What Professional Development Opportunities are Available?  

Successful companies generally provide their employees with a significant career ladder. This includes a strong training program and other professional development opportunities. Tuition reimbursement is another important perk to ask about when interviewing. Any potential employer needs to be serious about employee development. 

Ask About What Drives The Company Culture  

It’s also critical to use the interview to find out about the company’s office culture. Do they offer flexible schedules and the ability to work from home? Many companies offer telecommuting in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Ask whether that policy is to be continued after COVID-19. 

What About The Company’s Growth Plans?  

You likely want to work for an organization whose best days lie in the future. So frame a question or two about the company’s plans for the next few years. Their answer likely gives you a good idea of whether or not your career hopes are compatible. 

What’s The Office Environment Like?  

This is another important question on determining whether the company culture makes a good fit. Of course, if you are a remote worker, the office environment likely doesn’t matter. In that case, ask about their approach to make telecommuters feel a part of the team. 

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