Fast-Growing St. Louis IT Leadership Program Cultivating New Pipeline of More Than 100 C-Suite Visionaries

St. Louis, Mo., October 2, 2020: A fast-growing St. Louis IT leadership development program is cultivating a new brand of visionary IT professionals with real business leadership experience to help lead the local economy into the future. Since May 2019, the St. Louis Technology Leadership Experience (TechLX) has attracted 108 high-potential IT professionals and 36 mentors from 65 local companies of all sizes. They participate in a six-month leadership program via four cohorts averaging 27 participants each. TechLX builds on these participants’ strong IT capabilities by strengthening their people leadership and business acumen through a variety of activities that are transforming them from solutions providers to strategic business partners and innovation anticipators.

St. Louis-based Technology Partners has guided the startup of this program in the St. Louis area in conjunction with Ouellette & Associates, a Bedford, New Hampshire-based professional development firm that focuses exclusively on developing the human side of technology and business cultural change. Leadership training is provided through a series of full-day group sessions, regular one-on-one conversations with experienced mentors and ongoing projects and interactions within trusted peer groups.

“The results to date are much more than just the numbers,” said Greg Nichols, President of Technology Partners. “Most graduates say they are getting more opportunities to collaborate with senior leadership inside the companies they work for, while others are able to participate directly in their organizations’ IT transformation efforts and overcome the separation that sometimes exists between IT and strategic initiatives. Interestingly, all of them say the local focus of this program enables them to develop professional relationships with other local IT professionals and come away with more value than they otherwise would have by attending most national industry conferences. There is a  massive digital transformation underway in large and mid-sized businesses throughout the greater St. Louis area,” Nichols said. “Today’s IT professionals have a greater sense of urgency to drive business innovation and thought-leadership as their companies transition to new revenue-producing or expense- and time-saving technologies. So, this type of leadership training is essential for these professionals and the companies for whom they work.”

                                               – Greg Nichols, President, Technology Partners

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