Tips to Find Senior Level IT Candidates

When you have to fill a tech staffing need at your company, searching for a senior-level IT professional is a wise choice. These veteran technologists typically boast a wide variety of skills and loads of tangible experience with a variety of organizations. They also tend to possess the soft skills companies need to thrive in the modern, collaborative business world. 

Here are a few tips and insights on how to successfully source and hire a senior IT candidate. Leverage these ideas to ensure your company makes the right hire as quickly as possible. Expect a great new employee to add both calm and experience to your office culture. 

Use Your Professional Networks as a Source for Senior Professionals  

Your company’s professional network is an excellent source for finding senior-level tech pros, especially those talented passive candidates with the skills you need. Since they aren’t actively looking for work, you need to bring your A-game throughout the recruiting process. Boasting a great company culture known for exciting action and employee development helps your chances at a successful hire. 

The Candidate’s Professional Needs Matter More Than Your Company’s  

Somewhat related to the last point about passive candidates, veteran IT professionals tend to be well-set in their career path, so your company needs to focus more on their needs as opposed to your own. Listen closely during your contacts with the candidate – especially during the interview – to tailor a potential offer to what they want from a new position. Focus on providing the next step in their career to help seal the deal. 

Emphasize They are a Top Candidate for Your Organization  

A great senior tech candidate needs to be “wined and dined” if your organization wants them to accept an offer. This is especially the case for in-demand job roles, like information security or tech management. A generous compensation package is only part of this equation. Tailor an offer that meets their professional needs over the short term and beyond.  

Partner With an Experienced IT Staffing Agency  

Of course, Technology Partners is an excellent option for any company looking to hire senior IT talent. Since we already vet all of our candidates, your hiring process becomes easier and more effective. We’re the perfect choice for making the right hire quickly and efficiently. 

When searching a top-ranked IT staffing agency as a partner, look no further than the team at Technology Partners. As one of the top technology employment agencies in St. Louis, we are an excellent source for talented senior-level professionals. Schedule a meeting with us soon.

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