Increase Your Odds of Getting That Interview

Embarking on a technology job search requires a plan, focus, and persistent effort. If you want to earn an interview with a top company, simply emailing your résumé isn’t the best approach. In fact, tailoring your candidacy (résumé, cover letter, etc.) to the specific job in question gives you the best chance at a successful result.  

With getting that interview (and eventually a job offer) in mind, here are a few tips you need to consider as part of your plan. Ultimately, the most important thing involves standing out from the hoard of candidates for the position. It’s an approach that gives you a great shot at growing your tech career. 

Be Proactive on LinkedIn  

As the preeminent social media network for professionals, LinkedIn needs to be an essential part of your job search. Follow the company and join any of their LinkedIn Groups. Any Groups related to their technology stack need to be explored as well. Maybe you are already in a Group with a few people who work at the company?  

Also, connect with a few of their current employees to get a better feel for the company culture and ongoing project work. Following executives from the company on Twitter is another excellent option to learn more about their organization. 

Create and Submit a Portfolio  

If you don’t already have a portfolio detailing previous project work, be sure to build one. Submit it (or a link to an online version) along with a résumé and cover letter. This tactic helps you stand out from the rest of the candidates, especially if you are a web designer or a graphic artist working on tech projects. A compelling online portfolio laden with relevant keywords to improve SEO might have great companies knocking on your door. 

Tailor Your Résumé to the Company’s Open Position  

Besides the traditional way of personalizing your cover letter for an open position, take a similar approach with your résumé. Analyze the job description and highlight your skills and tangible experiences that match what the company needs in a candidate. Once again, use keywords that highlight these skills to make it easier for hiring managers to find you on LinkedIn and other online sources.  

Working with an experienced technology recruiter is another wise idea to raise your chances of earning an interview. The recruiters at Technology Partners are some of the best in the business. As one of the top IT staffing agencies in St. Louis, we can help take your tech career to a higher level. Connect with us soon! 

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