How to Face Your Personal Weaknesses Head On

Any successful technology career requires periodic self-assessment and self-improvement until the day of your retirement. Regularly analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you a good idea on what areas need improvement. It’s an approach that helps you forge a plan to gain additional training and experience to boost your résumé and career prospects.  

Here are a few insights and ideas on how to face your personal weaknesses and eventually turn them into strengths. In addition to helping identify the right training you need, it also ensures you create a career path compatible with your skillset as well as your hopes and dreams.  

Regular Self-Assessment is Critical to Determine Your Weaknesses  

As noted earlier, you need to regularly perform self-analysis to determine your strengths and weaknesses – both professionally and personally. Doing so a few times each year is a good plan, but consider another session with yourself whenever a big event happens in your career, like a promotion or a job change. Also, use information from job reviews as part of the assessment process, as opinions from your boss or coworkers add value.  

Fear is the Mind Killer  

Fear is a weakness that hampers the career growth of many tech professionals. It might be as simple as being afraid to ask for a raise, or even avoiding the responsibility of a senior or managerial position. Not letting fear cause this kind of professional paralysis plays a critical role in taking real advantage of your strengths. Keep this in mind when performing self-analysis. 

Taking Practical Steps to Improve Your Weaknesses  

It’s important to take tangible steps to turn your weaknesses into strengths, as mentioned above. For example, some technology professionals are uncomfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Strong verbal communication skills are vital if you want to move into management someday. So consider joining a local Toastmasters chapter to get real-world experience with public speaking.  

This same concept applies with technical weaknesses. If your company provides a robust training program or a tuition reimbursement benefit, take advantage of this opportunity to learn a few new skills. Online courses also suffice. Volunteer with a local charity or non-profit to gain practical experience with these capabilities. This is an especially great idea if you are currently between jobs.  

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