Bring Optimism to Your Work Mindset and SUCCEED

In addition to your technical skills and tangible professional experience, a positive attitude also helps you forge a rewarding IT career. Simply being optimistic each day at the office inspires your coworkers to join you by also staying inspired and productive. In fact, this approach to your work mindset is essential during the difficult times currently affecting the world. 

With continued career success in mind, here are a few reasons why optimism is nearly as important as your technical aptitude. Leverage these concepts to stay positive in your professional and personal lives. Avoiding negativity no matter what is critical! 

Keeping an Optimistic Attitude Makes a Difference in the Office  

Simply showing optimism every day at the office provides a host of meaningful benefits to your career. A 2016 Indian study noted that optimistic employees enjoyed higher levels of job satisfaction and performed better compared to their more negative coworkers. If you want an easier path to a successful tech career, a good attitude is a must.  

There is also a direct relationship between job satisfaction and employee retention noted by this and other studies. So it behooves organizations to take steps to foster a company culture able to build optimism among its employees. Additionally, during the staffing process, aim a few interview questions at determining whether or not a candidate possesses an optimistic attitude.  

Optimism is Also Good For Your Health  

Of course, staying healthy helps keep you productive and professionally satisfied. Additionally, studies show that optimistic people tend to enjoy better health and longer lives. In fact, a decades-long study from the Boston University School of Medicine revealed that an optimistic attitude led to a 10 to 15 percent longer lifespan. 

Essentially, focusing on optimism in your daily life benefits both your life and your productivity at work. So start working on your good attitude! 

Optimism Helps You Stay Resilient at Work  

Obviously, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to shake up the business world. If your company recently instituted a work from home policy, an optimistic approach to these changes benefits both you and your employer. One reason for this relates to optimistic people being more resilient when handling difficult situations. Beyond COVID-19, this approach also helps you stay focused and positive during crunch time on a difficult project. 

In the end, the modern tech company is no place for negative attitudes! 

If you need help building a great IT career, meet with the experienced recruiters at Technology Partners. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in St. Louis, we know the companies looking for talented and optimistic candidates. Connect with us soon! 

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