How Recent Grads Can Compete For IT Positions

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Congratulations are in order, considering your recent graduation with a new technology degree in hand. All the hard work and long nights spent studying paid off, and you are ready to begin a rewarding IT career. Unfortunately, there’s this pandemic going on, so naturally, you are worried about your chances of even getting an interview, let alone a job offer.  

Thankfully, the technology industry is relatively immune to economic downturns, and many companies are still looking for talent. You need a job search plan and a focused effort for a successful outcome. Remember, we are here to help, so check out these insights to get you started. 

Use Technology Partners to Help Bootstrap Your IT Career  

Technology Partners stands poised to help you get your tech career started in the right fashion – even during the pandemic. Our connections within the industry help us identify the companies still looking for talented candidates, especially those who recently graduated. Working with an experienced and confident recruiter remains a great way to plan your successful job search.  

Helping You Get Ready For Your First IT Job Search  

Any new tech candidate needs an excellent résumé and cover letter template before they start looking for positions. Our recruiters are able to help you with this process, ensuring your résumé attracts hiring managers from the top companies in the Midwest. In the wake of the pandemic, companies are increasingly interested in candidates able to work from home, so we’ll offer advice on that topic.  

Practicing your interviewing techniques is also essential, especially considering interviews conducted over video chat or by phone. Remember, a successful interview plays a significant role in eventually earning a job offer. Ultimately, working with us ensures you are ready to go when your job search begins.  

An Organization Focused on Innovation  

The technology industry thrives on innovation, and our company is no exception. Helping tech professionals learn and build rewarding careers remains one of the core values driving our operations. To attract the best talent – both experienced professionals and recent graduates – we pay competitive salaries and offer a generous benefits package. 

In the end, we strive to exceed expectations for both our employees and clients. Technology Partners is a great place to begin a lifelong IT career. Let us help you get started. 

Searching for an IT Position?

Don’t let the current pandemic stop your burgeoning tech career in its tracks. As one of the top IT staffing agencies in St. Louis and the Midwest, we know companies are looking for fresh talent. Connect with us soon!  

We can help you gain the flexibility you desire in your career. See our current opportunities.

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