Master The Skills of Video Chat Etiquette and be Successful

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In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, companies of all sizes have instituted work from home policies. Because of this, employees must use videoconferencing software, like Skype or Zoom, to stay in contact with managers and coworkers. If you are looking for talented candidates, expect your next interview to be conducted in a similar fashion.  

Ultimately, using the right etiquette when video chatting helps keep a professional impression. With an eye towards making your videoconference sessions productive and professional, here are a few tips on video chat etiquette. Following this advice ensures you’ll never make a poor impression on the rest of your company.  

You Need a Home Office Free From Distractions  

One way to improve your video chat etiquette involves having a home office where you won’t be distracted. Just being able to close the door prevents interruptions from pets or family members at inopportune times. It’s essential to provide yourself a space where you are as productive as possible, especially when videoconferencing.  

Test Your Webcam and Internet Service  

Videoconferencing requires a decent amount of Internet speed, so be sure to perform a speed test to ensure there’s enough bandwidth. At least 20 Mbps is a good benchmark. Additionally, test your webcam while paying close attention to the picture quality, lightning, and a professional background. Also, ensure your voice through the microphone sounds clear. 

Mute Your Microphone When Not Speaking  

During a videoconference, make sure to always mute your microphone when not speaking. This keeps any extraneous noise from distracting the speaker and the other conference participants. It also limits the amount of bandwidth used during the conference. 

Always Give The Videoconference Your Full Attention 

Few tech professionals enjoy meetings, but they are an important reality in the current post-pandemic workplace. So resist the temptation to check your email or engage in any other distractions during a long videoconference. In the end, giving your full attention throughout remains the professional approach. 

Keep The Door Closed  

While an appearance of a pet cat or dog might add some levity to a videoconference, once again, it’s better to keep things professional. So close the door of your home office before joining a work-related video chat session. Your coworkers definitely appreciate it!  

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