How to Get Your Desired Results From Networking

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A robust professional network remains a successful part of any lifelong technology career. For instance, colleagues from your network might offer advice when you’re trying to solve a difficult technical problem at work. They are also an excellent source for great job opportunities, especially from companies looking for passive candidates.  

When looking for your dream IT job, be sure to query a few trusted members of your professional network. You never know when the perfect opportunity might fall into your lap. So let’s take a closer look at how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to networking.  

Networking is a Great Way to Find a Job   

According to studies, at least 60 percent of all jobs are found through networking. This basic statistic makes it paramount to forge a robust professional network. Additionally, it would be best if you were active in your network. Maintain connections in the tech scene in your town, as well as within your technical specialty across the country.  

Companies are increasingly looking for passive tech candidates to combat the current challenging job market for finding IT talent. They use their network connections to source these candidates who are happy in their current position but might be open to a great new opportunity. This is another reason staying active in your network is a must!  

Informal or Formal Networking – Both Approaches Work   

While staying active in your network is great when you are a passive candidate, what about when it comes time to look for a job? An informal approach serves you well, especially if you stay in regular contact with your colleagues. Reach out through email or messaging and let them know about your availability. Even tech mixers or a party offer a chance to inform people about your search.  

Formal job search networking requires more of a traditional approach. Attend technology conferences in your area, and be prepared to pass out business cards, shake hands, and express your availability. Also, leverage online sources, especially LinkedIn, to connect with companies and professionals in your career path.  

Whatever the approach, make it a point to have an “elevator pitch” at the ready, detailing your skills, experience, and career desires. Always follow up with connections and be thankful for any interest and potential opportunities.   

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