How Can You Work on Personal Development This New Year

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Sure, honing your technical skills is very important for anyone working in the IT field. However, most companies in this space want to employ well-rounded professionals possessing the right mix of soft skills in addition to their technical acumen. This approach makes sense in a tech world where teamwork and collaboration continue to grow in importance.   

What follows are a few ideas and insights on fostering your personal development in the upcoming year. In the end, it’s an excellent resolution to support your IT career on a path towards success.  

What is Personal Development?  

Personal development for a tech professional involves building those life skills not necessarily related to your professional and technical learning. It helps you develop emotional maturity and well-rounded nature, helping you succeed in all aspects of your life. Career coach Kathy Caprino commented on the topic. “Personal growth is the process of growing stronger, more confident, and more effective as a person and an agent of change for your own life,” said Caprino.  

Ultimately, you gain a positive attitude, self-awareness, and self-esteem to help your performance in the office and at home. So let’s look at a few ideas for improving your personal development this year.  

Improving Emotional Intelligence   

Handling conflict in the office in a professional manner relates to your level of emotional intelligence. This plays a big role in developing a reputation as a level-headed IT pro. This skill ensures a steady career growth, including a potential move into management, if that’s your goal.  

Build Confidence in Your Technical Skills   

Feeling confident in your full range of technical skills helps improve your attitude at work. Additionally, this positive attitude helps you negotiate higher raises or even a better benefits package when searching for a new tech job. Remember not to become overconfident, however, as this might hamper your efforts at being known as a team player.  

Motivation is the Key to Your Personal and Professional Development   

In the end, staying motivated to improve yourself is a critical factor in both professional and personal success. While personal development is more subtle compared to the professional side, treating both as equals is vital. For example, even though you won’t be able to earn official certification in emotional intelligence, you still make an effort to improve these aspects of your person.  

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