5 of the Highest Paying IT Jobs

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To keep your technology career trending upwards, you need to pay attention to the most lucrative roles in the field. That information lets you gain the right skills and experience to qualify for open positions when they are posted. As a tech professional, you must never become stagnant, lest your abilities become obsolete.   

With an eye on forging a career path to success, here is a list of the highest paying jobs in the technology industry. Leverage these insights if you are planning a change or want the inspiration to succeed like never before. Good luck!  

Big Data Engineer  

Companies increasingly derive a competitive advantage from their masses of stored data. Because of this, the Big Data engineer is a very lucrative position in the IT world. They are generally responsible for the design and creation of the software and hardware used to store and access this data.  

Expect an annual salary of $163,250 for this role.  

Mobile App Developer  

Mobile apps are used for a wide array of purposes; online banking, games, and movies are just some of the use-cases. Their popularity created a strong demand for mobile app developers experienced in either the iOS or Android platforms and sometimes both. In addition to strong programming skills, app developers also must craft compelling user interfaces without much screen real estate.  

An experienced mobile app developer earns an average annual salary of $146,500.  

Information Systems Security Manager   

Considering the growing importance of cybersecurity in the technology world, the demand for experienced information security professionals remains strong. The information systems security manager holds responsibility for securing a business’s technical infrastructure. They need strong problem-solving skills and experience protecting companies from the latest cyber threats.   

The average annual salary for this IT job is $143,250.  

Applications Architect   

An application architect is responsible for the design of the significant parts of an application, including the UI, business logic, and likely interconnectivity with a database.  

Former programmers with secure senior-level experience tend to fill this job role. A strong understanding of business and exemplary communication skills are also a must.   

Expect an average yearly salary of $141,750 as an application architect.  

Data Architect   

A data architect designs the databases used in applications, including strategies for data storage and access. This role differs from the Big Data engineer in that it focuses on databases of all sizes. Expert-level SQL skills are essential, along with data privacy and protection. 

A data architect earns an average salary of $141,250 per year.  

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