4 Tools Application Developers Should Have Experience Using Before Applying

4 Tools Application Developers Should Have Experience Using Before Applying


Of course, software engineers need to fully understand programming languages and how to build applications. Experienced programmers also boast experience in a wide range of tools that boost their productivity. If you are looking for a developer job, depending on the position’s specific requirements, expect to be asked about your experience with Visual Studio, GitHub, SQL Developer, or similar tools.

Here’s an overview of a few tools you need in your arsenal before embarking on an IT job search. Be sure to take the time brushing up on your skills and knowledge with these applications before an interview. Good luck! 

Visual Studio is the IDE for .NET Development  

If you boast experience in .NET, you are likely familiar with Visual Studio. The IDE (integrated development environment) for building .NET applications and ASP.NET web apps, Visual Studio provides programmers with a code editor and a host of other tools to make development easier. If you worked in .NET in the past, and are interviewing for a position requiring up to date skills, research the latest Visual Studio updates to familiarize yourself with any new features. 

Eclipse is one of the leading IDEs for Java developers, while those building iOS or Mac OS apps generally use Xcode. Once again, take the time to learn about these IDEs when interviewing for positions in Java or iOS development. 

Managing Source Code With GitHub  

Over time, GitHub has become essentially the industry standard for version control and source code management. A distributed code repository, GitHub’s Git is used by programmers across the software development spectrum. While Visual Studio provided similar functionality – Visual Source Safe for instance – the fact Microsoft now owns GitHub makes Git effectively the company standard. 

Writing SQL Queries With SQL Developer  

Oracle SQL Developer is used to write SQL queries for Oracle databases. It also works with other databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, with the use of plugins. In addition to writing queries, users also build visual ER models, report on database performance, and manage metadata.  

Any programmer working with databases needs experience with SQL Developer or other similar tools. 

Wrangling Big Data With Splunk  

Companies regularly search for developers with experience making sense out of Big Data. Splunk is a leading tool for searching through massive data repositories, facilitating the analysis, reporting, and graphing of all this information. It’s currently a hot skill, as organizations try to leverage their data as a competitive advantage. 

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