The Easiest Lies to Spot on a Tech Resume

The Easiest Lies to Spot on a Tech Resume

When your tech company advertises an open position, expect potentially hundreds of resumes to arrive at your doorstep and inbox. Perusing through these candidates requires a hefty effort from your managers and HR staff. This makes vetting each resume for lies and distortions a difficult task for all.
With the goal of making your staffing process more efficient and productive, here are some of the easiest lies to spot on any technology resume. Leverage these tips to ensure your company makes the right hire as quickly as possible.

Exaggerating Their Dates of Employment

Lying about the dates of employment on their work history is one of the biggest lies found on a resume. This is typically done to hide gaps after being fired or laid-off.

Since checking for this lie requires significant effort from your HR team, consider using a third-party service to perform background checks on top candidates before your interview process starts.

Falsifying Their Educational Background

Many candidates lie about their educational history on their resume. This includes fudging about their degree; including those claiming a master’s or doctorate degree. Others lie about where they attended college – if they actually went.

Once again, a third-party background check helps determine the true educational and work history of your top candidates.

Playing Loose With Salary Information and Other Numbers

Some candidates play around with the numerical information on their resume. This includes both salary information as well as the quantifiable impact they made throughout their work history.

When it comes to finding out the truth on salary, most previous employers won’t reveal this information due to privacy concerns. As far as the other exaggerations, speaking with their references likely offers the best way of determining the truth. It’s another great reason to always check references before extending any job offer.

Lying About Their Technical Skill Set

A listing of technology skills is a key section on any tech candidate’s CV. Candidates typically use the hottest keywords to attract the attention of recruiters and search engines. That doesn’t necessarily mean they actually know the skill in question.

As such, technical interviews and qualifications testing needs to be an important part of your staffing process. This remains the best way to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to tech candidates.

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