Could a Previous Boss be Your Stepping Stone to a New IT Career?

Could a Previous Boss be Your Stepping Stone to a New IT Career?

Cultivating a large professional network remains a key factor in building a technology career. Your former managers are a key part of this network, especially when you need references before applying for a new tech job. Perhaps one of them might even give you a lead on a great new position?

This same concept applies to former co-workers as well. Ultimately, you need these professional contacts to ensure you stay engaged – and gainfully employed – until your day of retirement. So here are a few tips on reconnecting with your previous bosses and co-workers before your next job search.

A Straightforward Approach is a Must

If you haven’t talked with a former boss in years, don’t let any awkwardness prevent you from reaching out for a reference. A straightforward tack works best. Simply explain your situation and ask for a reference.

Remember not to include the name of any reference without speaking with them first. It’s unprofessional, and it might lead to them expressing a poor opinion of your work in the past.

Use a Mutual Connection

If you feel it’s been too long since speaking with your former manager or don’t have their contact information, consider using a mutual connection to serve as a conduit. Once you have an email address or phone number, reach out with confidence. These connections are another good reason to always work on building a strong professional network.

Find an Icebreaker to Begin Your Conversation

Research the online professional presence (likely their LinkedIn account) of your former boss. If they recently celebrated a meaningful accomplishment – maybe a promotion or a great new gig – use this information as an icebreaker. This provides a positive way to begin a natural conversation before you ask them about being a reference on your current job search.

Making a More Meaningful Connection

Even going beyond asking for a reference, redeveloping a meaningful professional relationship with a former boss simply makes sense for getting the most out of your network. Ask them a technical question about an emerging trend in the industry. Perhaps their company already adopted DevOps and your company is considering a similar path?

Also return the favor if asked. After all, maintaining healthy connections with former bosses and co-workers helps keep you engaged throughout your professional life.

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